Beat the Bastards - the forced feminization reality show

Please stay ready for Rebecca's first photo story series!

Beat the Bastards is an eight installment long series on forced, feminization and humiliation, set in a not to distant future. 

The prisons are full and the administration has come up with an alternative form of punishment: gender reassignment and a year in servitude among concerned citizens (the so-called Designated Guardians).

This is not a new concept in TG fiction circles of course, but I have presented the stories as episodes in a rather gross reality TV series. 

With the exception of the last episode, all of them can be read in isolation from the others.

Beat the Bastards is illustrated with photos from Anal-pantyhose.com and Analsaga.com.

You may ask why I have access to sites covering relatively narrow fetishes like these. The reason is that they are part of a larger package that covers a large number of special interests, including everything from pantyhose via lesbian kissing and stapons to transexual.

In other words: Here is a lot of story material. I believe the sites are Russian originally. Don't let that scare you. The quality of the photos and the videos is definitely good enough.

The first episode will be published on August 1, the rest on the first days of the following months. There are eight episodes in all.

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  1. Anonymous7/25/2008

    Wow, amazing ! I can't wait to see them ^^.



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