New transformation fiction site allows for TG captions

Some of you may have noticed that I have written about the new Transformation Media site over at TFCC.

Transformation Media is still in beta,  and TF Guy, who runs the site, needs your feedback to sort out bugs and inconveniences. You can use the TF-media.net Forums for that.

What makes this site different from other TG and transformation fiction sites is that it allows for the publishing of images, read: transgender captions.

That gave me an idea:

There are a large number of forums, Yahoo Groups, old fashioned sites and Blogger blogs that publish captions right now. What if we used Transformation Media as a sort of illustrated gateway to all these resources?

What I suggest is the following:

Anyone who has made caps post three to ten of their very best  on Transformation Media. 

In the comment field he or she includes a reference to the site where it was originally published. You may even include the URL. Anyone interested in finding more caps made by this captioneer can then go to that site to find more.

TG fiction is not an area where the sites compete against each other. The most popular page on this blog is  actually amy list of TG blogs. Readers come to my blog to find other blogs, and then they come back from that blog to The Other Side of Your Soulfor more. 

I know that many people now active on the TG forums found these forums via my blog, while many of my readers found this blog through those forums. This is a win win situation, where noone loses, but where all get help to find more great content.

So: Make some publicity for TG captions over at TF-Media!

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