Sex Talk, a new TG transformation computer game.

Last year I told you about Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, a new transgender transformation game financed through crowdfunding. You can read more about that game over at Desura.

I am glad to say that more game developers have started looking into TG fantasies, and there is another game called Sex Talk, that is ready for download. 

For the time being you may get the the text version of the game for free.

You play as James as you deal with your wife and her new magic books. 

This is an XXX rated TG game, so it would be fair to say that the risks involved with dealing with magic are severe: Mr. P. lists male to female transformation, breast  and butt expansion, pregnancy, futanari, lactation, and bimboification as some of many possible outcomes.

Mr. P. asks you   to pledge a small sum over at the crowdfunding site  Offbeatr, so that he can add illustrations to the game. The money is needed to pay the artist. The goal is to sell the game commercially. For a donation of 10 US$ you will get a free copy of the completed game.

More about Sex Talk here!

There is also a game blog.


  1. Zetsub1/29/2014

    Thanks again for mention GBDNATE Rebecca! You're awesome :D

  2. Zetsub1/29/2014


    Sorry, had a brain fart.

    Sex Talk looks pretty cool, really awesome to see it's already at 25%

  3. Thanks for the plug! I'm happy to be able to return a bit to such a great community that has given me so much already.

  4. It would be nice to check it out. But when I downloaded the teaser. And then the beta download for rags. It said it did not exist. Please help me figure out how to get it to work. I want to donate but i need to see if I will like it.

  5. Yeah this problem's popped up recently, and I'm trying to put out the fires wherever I can. Apparently the version of RAGS I used to make the game was removed and a newer version is up in the new link. When I clicked through the only one I could download was the alpha version, so that's the one I'd recommend getting.

  6. Hrmanator1/31/2014

    Any chance of the HTML version of this teaser being released? Pretty great thing to have on a mobile device, but alas .exes don't tend to work on those, but I did see how the RAGs engine has an option to convert it into HTML, which will work. Tried to manually do it but the file was password protected so yeah. =p

  7. I didn't know that was what HTML was used for, I'll put up a link to the HTML version on the blog as soon as I can get it converted and set up. (Sometime today)


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