Happy Birthday DeeDee!

Dear friends!

Welcome to DeeDee's birthday party!  I am so glad you could all make it! Aren't we DeeDee?

Well, some of you may find DeeDee a little bit confused today. That is because she has been through some dramatic changes.

Yeah, I know, that is what being a teenager is all about, but as some of you will know, until this morning DeeDee was, in fact, a man called Damien Drake.

Yepp, DeeDee was  the famous millionaire and owner of Drake Software.

Now: His beautiful wife, Nancy (hello Nancy!) got tired of all his cheating and got him declared mentally unstable.

She has now taken over the company and all its assets, and DeeDee here is undergoing what is called rejuvenating gendercrossing behavioral psychotherapy.

Nancy believes that 18 year old girls never cheat. I guess I could say a few words about that, but I am not going to, because this is your day, DeeDee.

I would like to welcome you back to the world of acne, heart breaks and embarrassing fumbling in the back seats of cars.

Welcome to a world where every single male around you wants to get into your pink panties, and -- may I add -- some of them will succeed. I am afraid the therapy includes some loss of intellectual faculties.

What? You do not know what the words "intellectual faculties" mean?  Yeah, well, that was my point exactly.

Anyway. Good people! Eat, drink, dance and be merry! And DeeDee: Happy Birthday!

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The photos of Vanessa Cage are from Brazzers.com, my favorite source of photo material.

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