Return to Babylon Academy (17)

His mother did look very young. He knew that. He had reckoned she had good genes and that she ate well.

She had also urged him to start studying at the Babylon Academy. That had seemed sensible to him at the time, but now that he had arrived, there was a lot of weird things going on that made him wonder.

There was, for instance, the fact that they turned boys into girls as a kind of disciplinary measure.

What was that all about? And had his mother known?

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The main part is played by Taylor Chanel from  Brazzers, a set of sites overflowing with visual candy!


  1. Anonymous3/30/2012

    Great that you have returned to this story. Still haven't read it but I am sure it will be good just like the previous ones

  2. Anonymous1/12/2013

    I like this story :-). It would be nice to have in the next episode"Lexi Diamond"!For example ;-) this is my favorite star! good work ;-) bye

  3. Lexi Diamond is hot.

    I am having trouble continuing this series as I have changed all the male actors of Brazzers and Reality Kings into women. Maybe I will find a solution ;)


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