Caught in Frills

Here is another recent Tranisa feminization movie you should know about.

Caught in Frills is about Jake, another British bloke fascinated by his female flatmate's feminine clothing.

Caught touching her pink garments he is caught red handed by his girl friend and her two female friends. They decide to punish him for his gender transgressions by dressing him in the prettiest pink multi-layered frilly nightie, moving on to a lovely white lace dress complete with lacy undies.

Yepp, this is another crossdressing fantasy from the British masters of soft-core feminization movies.

Sapphire Blue, Red, and Samantha Alexandra hit the tone of understated British humour I like so much, and newcomer Jake Gaston does a decent interpretation of the humiliated guy. Or maybe it isn't an interpretation?

You can see the trailer here!

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