Please let me go!

I beg you, please let me go!

You have to stop this man from doing this to me! Don't let him fuck me, pleeeeeease!

I didn't mean to steal Amanda away from you, Phil, I didn't, seriously! It just happened.

You can have her back. Just take her. Just release the spell and let me go.

You will let me go if I suck his cock? No, don't ask me to do that!

OK OK OK OK OK! I will! I will suck his cock! But he is so big. He is so fucking big! Blaaaaah. Iz diz .. slurp.. gooo enouh ... suck.. wooo you?

Nonononononononono, stop, please, stop! Don't turn me around! Don't put that horrible thing....

Ooooounghhh! Gawd. He's inside me. Noooooooo! I... ehg ... can't ... oumph ... take it... ongh....

What do you mean, Amanda won't have you? Agh! Of course she will. She loves you, I know .... oh fuck, this is so strange and... I am sure she will take you back.

The thing with me was just a silly mistake, you know. We got drunk and ... aaaaaaaaaah!... just fooled around.

It is just an explanation you know? I know that what we did was terribly wrong. It will never happen aaaaaarghain.

What do you mean, I will never be able to take a girl form you again? Of course you are going to change me back, You haveeeeeeee to.

Oh, no, don't let him touch my chest. My nipples are so sensitive. Please let go of my -- I can't believe I am saying this -- tits. Please! It feels so strange. So wonderfully strange.

Phil, please, I will give you anything. My car? Take it, it is yours! My money? Go get them!

Just let this man stop doing what he is doing to me, because I don't know if I can't hold back any more. It .... just... feels ... too... fucking ... goooooooood!

This cap is dedicated to Tiffany, who gave me the magical cap you find below.

The images are from Brazzers.com, a site I am testing out at the moment. I will let you know if it is any good.

Click on images to enlarge!

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