Semper Fi!

What made you think changing me into a sexy fox, would be such a good idea, Malcolm?

You thought the spells would make me swoon and spread my new long sexy legs for you, didn't you? That you would get yourself a willing, nymphomaniac, sex slut that would keep you warm in the winter.

Well, think again, mister! I am a marine, for heavens sake. I have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. I have killed more men that you have trout, and I will never obey a navy blockhead like yourself!

I am giving you a one minute head start, for our old friendship's sake, and then I am coming after you. You'd better start running!

1001, 1002, 1003, 1004....

Hey, I mean it! Start running now! That's my boy!

1010, 1011....

I like the handbag, Malcolm. Nice touch. I can keep my ammo in there and - eh - my lipstick. I have to do something about all this hair though. It gets in my eyes and makes it harder to aim.

30 seconds left, Malcolm.

Hm, I like the necklace as well. I wonder if I can get some earrings that go with that.

1056, 1057, 1058, 1059. Time's up, Malcom! I am coming to get yah!!!

This one is for Vanessa over at Rachel's Haven.

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