Chinatown TG Blues

Well Kyle, it is strange how things turn out, isn't it? I mean, there you go around in your humdrum ways, finding life boring and longing for an exiting adventure.

When you finally get it, it is like nothing you ever expected.

I guess you wish you were back in your apartment now, looking at another episode of Lost or whatever.

Lost you are, my friend, let there be no doubt about that. This is what happens when you visit Chinatown after midnight.

Didn't you wonder just a little bit about why this Cantonese restaurant was open at 2 AM?

Moreover, did you really have to read out the text you found in your fortune cookie out loud? After all, you must have seen that the only other guest in the restaurant was following you attentively with his eyes.

Well, you'd better hold on fast to those pipes, Kira, because this is your new life now.

The man pumping his fat dick into your brand new pussy is your pimp, Malcolm. He and the Chinese witch that owns the restaurant will share most of the profits.

Your new job has some fringe benefits, though.

You can get as much dim sum as you want for free, although you should watch your weight, darling. You don't want to scare away the customers, you know.

And that's not all. This Chinese magic has given you a very sensitive body, and some of the customers can be real gentlemen.

I am sure you will manage to get some good looking regulars that can fill you up real good and satisfy your needs.

I should know, I have been working here for more than 20 years now and I still doesn't look a day over 19. I have learned to love cock. You just have to, you know, to keep yourself sane.

As for escaping?

Well, during these 20 years I have so far not been able to set my foot outside the borders of Chinatown. If I try to cross the street into Little Italy I faint, and Malcolm has to carry me home. Now, trust me, you do not want that Kira love!

The fictional character Kira is played by Gwen Diamond in this cap, and the images are fetched from Brazzers, a rich site for TG Cap imagery.

This cap is dedicated to Kira (XtremeCSSA) over at Rachel's Haven, who turned me into a blond office slut in the sexy cap series found below.

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  1. I love the story, but why don't the images have an Asian girl instead of a white one? Especially since this story is tagged as "Asian".

  2. My bad! She is Caucasian, not Asian.

    Who knows, one day I might be able to set up my own photo shoot with the models of my choice. Until then I will have to search and find sets that tell a story!

    Don't worry about the lack of Asian models at this site, though. I have more Asian stories coming up!



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