The Prisoner of Doctor Trauma, a TG horror story

The TG ficition world is full of forced transformations, men being feminized and emasculated against their will, then humiliated and degraded.

The violence relieves any feeling of guilt, I guess, and it also takes away the burden of having to make yet another important and risky decision. If you are at the mercy of others, you have to let yourself go. Besides, deep inside, you want to become a woman!

Mr. Pendrake makes an appointment with his general practitioner, and soon finds that there is something about him that is not quite right.

When he decides to find another doctor, it is to late, however. Dr. Trauma has made use of modern medicine to shift Mr. Pendrake's life onto a totally new track.

Say no more!

This is a very explicit photo story, that may offend some of you. If you have no interest in BDSM whatsoever, skip it. There is so much more to read here. If you have some interest in bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, however, you are in for a treat.

And again, folks, this is a sexual fantasy. Under no circumstance do I condone sexual violence in real life!

Click here to read the full screen version over at Slideshare, or download the PDF-file by clicking on this link.

The images are taken from Sex and Submission. There is, of course, no relationship between the fictional characters and the models depicted. Sex and Submission assures me that no one were hurt during this photo shoot.

Alternative download server.


  1. Anonymous5/04/2008

    Odd, the link to the PDF file leads to the slideshow.

  2. Sorry about that, the link has now been fixed.



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