Summer job

The room was big with large windows that filled it with warm summer sunlight. Five girls sat on the old fashioned beds, waiting.

No one said a word. They just looked at each other in silence. One of them studied her fingernails, slightly dazed. Another touched her hair, bewildered, as if that could help her solve a strange puzzle.

Ivana looked down at her long sexy legs. "This is so strange," she said to herself. "I cannot remember these legs. I have never painted my toenails before, have I?"

Samantha drew her breath in an attempt to focus.

"Summer camp," she said to herself. "I believe we arrived here yesterday for summer camp." But her mind was full of images of unruly boys hollering on the bus, not of these beautiful women. She smiled to herself: "I must have dreamt it. Me being a boy, that's ridiculous!"

"What are we waiting for?" Isabelle asked herself. "We are waiting for something or someone! But whom?"

Downstairs the Priestess of Ereshkigal welcomed the first customers of the day:

"Gentlemen," she said. "The girls are waiting for you upstairs. Just make your pick from the book over there, and I will bring her to your room..."

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This is my entry at the Rachel's Haven's July cap contest.

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