Transgender feminization hypnosis -- for real!

Can a man be changed into a girl through hypnosis?

This may sound as a silly question, as the obvious answer will be no. All the "curses" out there promising to change bodies into the opposite sex are just wishful fantasies.

But from all the reports I receive the answer is also yes. And the key word is actually "fantasies".

Most of my readers are men and boys fantasizing about becoming girls . Given your already very active imagination, hypnosis may help you make those fantasies feel much more real.

You will not grow tits without hormones, but it may feel like they are there.

Moreover, Transexuals in transition use hypnotic tapes to further develop feminine feelings and mannerisms. Others, not planning to take that final step, use them to explore their own feminine side.

Lady Alexia tells me she has a lot of good reports regarding Mistress Ashna, one of the hypnotists providing such services online. And if Alexia says she is good, she must be.

Ashna will make you a tailor made audio file for you based on your greatest transformation fantasy. I addition she may guide you through that fantasy by IM and email.

She also has a Yahoo! Group.

There are actually a lot of sites online delivering TG hypnosis MP3 files. Warp My Mind does, for instance, deliver a large number of ready made fantasy files, free or for a fee.

Here are some other sources I tracked down on the web. The links are for your information only. I have not tested their services.If you provide services of this kind, feel free to add your URL in a comment. I also very much welcome comments from readers who tried feminization hypnosis.

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