Hypnotized (a forced femme fantasy)

It is good to have friends, Eric, friends how appreciate how neurotic and uptight you are, and that want to help you.

It is good to have friends with hypnotic skills, that can make you relax and get in touch with your inner self.

It is good to have friends, Eric, friends that only want the best for you.

Yeah, right!

Here's a new transgender slideshow for you. May your dreams come true!

The images of Rita Faltoyano are from Realitykings.com (the bed scene) and Totally Redhead (the piano sequence).

Click on this link to download the full screen PDF file.

Click on View above, then Full to get to the online full screen version.

View full screen at Slideshare by clicking on this link! (click on Full).

Secondary download server.


  1. The secondary download server has a bunch of pdf files of stories you haven't put up on the website yet. I enjoyed them, but I was wondering if you didn't want to put those up yet?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I will publish these stories throughout the summer and fall. It was not my intention to make them visible via DivShare, so you are the lucky one. I have removed them now.

  4. yeah, I figured as much - good stuff on the way for everyone else. Cool that you create stuff ahead of time and ration it. Whenever I get off my ass to make anything, I just put it all up at once.

  5. Unfortunately the download link for the PDF-file doesn't seem to work...

  6. I am afraid Mediamax, or The Linkup as they call themselves now, has caused me a lot of pain. After switching over to a new system they have changed their URL-system, without making the old URLs work. I have therefore had to change them several times. This one slipped by, but should now be OK.

    I normally also include a link to a secondary server. You will find that link at the end of the messages.



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