New TG VideoCap: The NuBabes

Emma Mae from Babes.com
It is time for a new TG Video Cap!

The reason I make so few of them is simple. The production process is very time consuming, indeed.

But sometimes I get access to some footage that I just feel I have to bring to your small screen.

Babes.com is one of the more stylish porn sites on the Net. The focus is on feminine beauty in all its glory, which -- of course -- fit my purpose perfectly.

I felt this would be a more fair universe if a lucky man would end up as a girl like Emma Mae to the right.

Needless to say, not all men are prepared to accept such a change without some strong motivation. In this science fiction story the motivation is caused by the new great depression. Millions of men find themselves unemployed, becoming a burden to themselves and their loved ones.

Enter NuBabes Inc., a company that is willing to milk the new voluntary indenture laws for it is worth. Using the latest of technologies they are offering the poor men full debt coverage in return for a life in servitude.

You can download the low res video here and here. (162 MB MPEG4-file)
You can download the full res video here and here.  (413 MB MPEG4-file)
Alternative AVI-format.
(If your software cannot read the file, download  the free VLC)

You can see this video on Slideshare as well, which is especially useful for those of you using a tablet.

Please note that this video contains scenes with explicit sex! This is for adults only!

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  1. Another home run Rebecca!!

  2. Anonymous8/11/2013

    A truly fabulous job! I understand that they are a lot of work, but I do hope you'll do more!

  3. Anonymous8/12/2013

    Rebecca on the next caption series could you use Abbey Brooks in it?

  4. scareglow8/12/2013

    tell ya this is it you start making more vids like this you think you got followers now site will get over loaded great vid.....by the way what software did you use...thanks

  5. Excellent Rebecca.
    The Photography was nice, and it had a basic storyline. Plus it used soft music not Metalica or Hip-hop, also no corny dialog that you can tell the actors and actresses do not mean.
    Looking forward to your next.

  6. loved it wish it was real i would so go it to it voluntarily the thought of having a pussy is just so blissful

  7. scareglow8/13/2013

    Rebecca what software did you use to edit this i would like to know....thanks i appreciated

  8. Thanks for all the kind words!

    I am working on a new, but somewhat different video cap to be published in late September/early October.

    As for the software, I am using iMovie on the Mac. It is basic enough for amateurs like me to edit something that looks at least half decent.

    I like the fact that i can easily control the sound.

    Abbey Brooks? Sure, I do have some photo sets of her lying around. Let me see if I can make them fit a story that makes sense.

  9. Or what signs to be part of future volunteers?? Or what signs to be part of future volunteers?? (a reference for a brunette hair.)

  10. Or what signs to be part of future volunteers??
    I really love to be the subject of a TGvidéocap (a preference for Caucasian brown)


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