In Plain Sight

Emma Leigh from Brazzers
I recently gave you a cap based on the American Witsec program.

Now I have made a full fledged photo comic based on the same premise.

Our friend has accepted to testify against the mafia in return for protection in the Witness Protection Program.

Unfortunately the modern mob has gotten hold of one of the most brilliant mathematicians around, and he has developed an algorithm that helps the organization track down traitors.

Desperate times requires desperate measures, and the U.S. Marshal Service decides to makes use of one of the most secret technologies available to help our friend live a safe life.

He is not amused.

At first.

Anyway, you can download the full resolution PDFs here and here.

If you are using an iPad or tablet, you may want to read the comic over at Slideshare.

The beautiful redhead in the story is the British star Emma Leigh from Brazzers.


  1. excellent comic its one of your best

  2. Excellent slide-show cap! :) What I especially enjoyed is the irony in this. On top of that I'm a tits man as well in real life and love this ironic and humiliating fate for Johnny! Well done :)

  3. Glad you liked it! When I saw the original photos, I just knew this had to be a Witsec story.


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