Guest Cap: Moving Right In!

Jay Seaver over at Rachel's makes these really interesting Tg captions. You know, caption with that extra fascinating twist...

He made this one for me.
Click on cap to read!


  1. Anonymous9/19/2013

    Hi rebecca,

    Do you know if anyone elsedoes tg stories with slideshows like yours... I really loved everyone and i hope others understand how Much fun they bring !!!! I currently read Rebbecas World n VIP captions ... Would you recommend Someone more to follow ??!


  2. There are actually very few that make extended TG comics in the way I do, and I have posted news on most of those that do on this blog.

    I am not sure why this is so. Making comics like these are actually not that hard if you use ComicLife. Still, I guess the fact that you need to pay for access to adult sites to get enough photos will stop some.

    You may want to visit TGComics for more transformation comics.


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