You are so dead punk!

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"You are so dead, you punk!" He pointed the gun at me with a steady hand.

I am not used to them pulling a gun at me. You see, most of them are in shock after having felt their body morph into the female form. They end up as crying wrecks at my feet, begging me to change me back. But not Matt, oh no!

I should have been prepared, of course, him being ex military and all. And I guess I would be suspicious too, if I were asked to bring 100,000  dollar to the home of "Rango" Domingo, the most infamous Mexican gangster in New Mexico. And yes, he did not really have the dough either, did he?

I won't bore you with the details here. All you have to do is to make note of the fact that Matt lost 10 grand at a poker game last year, money he had borrowed from Rango in pure desperation. And with the kind of interest rates Rango has, it soon adds up.

Rango bring me in in cases like this to see if there is any way of forcing him to rob a relative or steal a car or something. Anything to cover the expenses. Changing him into a woman serves another purpose as well. In the hood the macho ethos rules supreme, and becoming a hot jaina is the ultimate degradation.

He held the gun steadily and looked me into the eye:
The model is Mansa from RK.com

"Change me back, you son of a bitch!"

I looked back at him and smiled. He needed to know that I would not be intimidated.

"Take a deep breath, baby!" I said. "If you shoot me, there will be no way back for you."

Some hair fell into his eyes. He had to take one hand off the gun to brush it back, and as he did so his hand touched his left tit.

"Sheeeeet!" he said. "That is so strange!  God, it is so soft!"

He found it harder to point the gun at me.

"I had no idea they would feel this nice on the inside!"

He was no longer in control. I leaped at him, grabbed the gun and threw it into the pool. I grabbed his soft breasts from behind. He moaned in a mix of fear and pleasure. It was going to be a long night.
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Photos of Mansa from the amazing RealityKings.com!

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