Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

Over at Rachel' Haven Zet reports that he/she is  making a TG themed visual novel or game called Gender Bender DNA, and is  funding it via the crowdfunding site indiegogo.

The story is about  six men who are transformed into women after having been caught i a lab explosion.

Zet says:

"I was actually inspired to create TG games after I read a bunch of captions on http://theothersideofyoursoul@blogspot.com/, and I started by essentially making caption games using pre drawn images. 

"However, it's extremely limiting to work with captions when you're trying to tell a long story, and the images steer your story into places you'd rather not go, and you have to think up convoluted excuses for scene changes. It's doable and I've seen some fantastic ones, but I wanted to make something original. But commissioning hundreds of images for a game isn't cheap, so that's where the campaign idea came from.

"If you don't want to donate, it would be awesome if you could just share it with people who might be interested. The game is going to be free anyway. I want as many people as possible to play this game."

I have not tested what's there of the game yet, put I thought any such adventure deserves some attention. The game/illustrated novel will be completed when funded.

You can read more about it here!


  1. totally plopped down $10. sounds like it's free, but I'll forget about it. Worth the $10 to know when it's finished.

  2. Anonymous2/22/2013

    are there any other tg games the only one i found won't work on the current pcs

  3. I've been so busy with stuff this week I only just noticed you did a plug! Thanks Rebecca, you're AWESOME! :D


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