Charisma Cappelli from Reality Kings
Two weeks ago I told you the story of a boy who used the spell books to explore the world of the other side.

Today you will have the chance to see how his -- or rather her -- new life turned out.

His friend Brian has decided to use the spell books to gain power. He has taken over the body of the Manual, the boss of the Odiar cartel, and is now making himself a harem of all his old enemies.

Welcome to the dark side of the Spell Book universe!

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This story features Charisma Cappelli from Reality Kings as Eve.

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  1. Talk about holding a grudge! Some of the things he gave 'payback' for seem pretty petty, though, the idea of giving a different kind of "F" to the math teacher who had failed him is funny.

    Oh, and the tribbing in a 69 position on p.23 is simply delicious!!! It's good that they have each other to 'commiserate' over their new lives!



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