When science is turned into tantalizing TG erotica

Some of you may already have visited the sister site of Tranisa.com: You Will Dress as a Woman!

The site takes a different approach to setting up the scene for a transgender fantasy: You are the male bodied actor in these movies and the female stars are talking to you.

Each and every movie presents a new feminization fantasy, often mixed with a dash of humiliation and sissyfication. The correct term is "female domination POV" videos, POV referring to the point of view of the one holding the camera.

Two new movies from the site brings in some fascinating elements from the science of transgender: Your Cock has Gone and Take your Hormones.
Sapphire Blue and Holly Kiss in Your Cock has Gone

In Your Cock has gone a female doctor, well played by Holly Kiss, wakes you up after your surgery and tells you that -- indeed -- your penis is missing, and it is time for you to adapt to life as a girl.

The clever mix of scientific jargon and TG erotic fantasy makes it all very effective.

Sapphire Blue finds it a little bit harder to keep a straight face in Take your Hormones! But she does make her role as a psychiatrist believable.

Sapphire Blue in Take Your Hormones!
This is also the first time I have heard or seen the word "autogynephilia" in TG erotica. I don't believe in that theory myself, but in this context it just accentuates the trap the male bodied protagonist finds himself in as Sapphire explains that you have passed the point of no return in his hormone therapy.

The makers of these movies knows a lot about hormone treatments, sex reassignment surgery and transgender therapy, but they never let the science get in the way of a good feminization fantasy.

Each film in the series lasts between 8 and 20 minutes and costs US$ 9.99. 

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