Witness Protection

I am working on a "graphic photo novel" on a man being helped by the US Marshals' Witsec program at the moment. Here is the cap that got me going.

The US Marshal looked at him with sympathy:

Click on cap to enlarge!
"I do realize that this is a big change for you, Nate. I guess you understood that witnessing against the Coyote cartel meant entering the witness protection program, but this must be quite a shock for you. Nate, are you listening?"


"The problem is, as agent Donatello has probably explained to you, that the cartel has in its employee a very talented mathematician. Think the TV series Numbers, if you like. They have already managed to track down one of our witnesses down in New Orleans. They killed her before she could appear in court. This is why we asked the Pentagon to use the top secret alien transformation device they found in Antarctica in the 50's. Are you with me so far?"


"OK, we figured they will never believe Nate Anderson had become a woman, which is why you are now Sammie Sinclair out of Seattle. I am sorry about the rain and all, but we thought it was safest to move you out of California."


"Two syllables! This is progress. By the way, you must never blow your cover. If that happens by accident, you must tell me right away. As for talking about the top secret transformation device?  Well, I do not give a damn. No one would believe you anyway. Hm. You would like to be alone now, wouldn't you?"

"Uh huh!"


  1. This looks cool and I believe would make a nice story! I'll read it! Hot cap by the way as well!

  2. Reminds me of a scene from "Eraser"
    Arnold goes into a TS bar and contacts a witness.
    First reaction of said Witness.
    YOU! (calms down) and says Ok whose idea was this? the agencies or Yours?
    Arny replies " Your safe, aren't you?"
    Witness replies " From the Mob, but there are other predators"


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