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Switch Poster
In 1991 Blake Edwards of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Pink Panter fame made his first and only gender bender movie: Switch. 

He did not do this because he was a crossdreamer (I think) or because he was into TG fiction, but because he believed putting a male chauvinist into a sexy woman's body would make for great comedy.

And in one way it did.  Edward's managed to expose the hollowness of gender stereotypes.

Unfortunately he did so by reaffirming them. Steve is a misogynistic, homophobic, jerk, even as a woman. Even the ending, where child birth gives room for real love, only serves to confirm what people already think they know about men and women.

Ellen Barkin as Steve
It is interesting to see how the sex change scenario plays out in the same way as it often does in TG caps and TG erotic movies, though.

You know: shock replaced by curiosity replaced by mischievous delight. It is as if this kind of scenario has its own logic that can have only one outcome.

It is interesting to see what a master of cinema can do when presenting such a scene, though, and how an actor like Ellen Barkin can present shock and confusion.

Steve Brooks is murdered by his ex-girfriends. In purgatory the bigendered (!) God decides to give him another chance and sends him back.

The Devil, however, argues that Steve belongs to him, and suggest a compromise. Steve is to be allowed another chance, as a woman.

Below find a clip from the beginning of the film, where Steve finally realizes what has happened to him.

Download clip.

You can see the trailer over at AllMovie.


  1. Anonymous7/12/2013

    Hi, im a huge fan of your awesome caps and was hoping if i could make a request of a guy called michael to change into a girl called amy with transformation into a bimbo involved. If you could that would be great!

  2. Anonymous7/12/2013

    I LOVE the movie "Switch". One of the things I enjoyed in the movie is that Steve's a homophobe, so, when he becomes a woman, he meets the rare 1980's lesbian, and gives it a shot for "every man's fantasy." But, he can't get turned on by a woman as a woman. It's actually a really interesting thought. This is a wonderful movie, in my opinion, and, in this age of quick digital satisfaction, anyone can find it rather easily.

  3. Anonymous7/15/2013

    The movie would have been better & more erotic if the role played by Ellen Barkin had been accepted by Blake's first choice - Bo Derek. I would have loved to see that performance , & would complete most crossdreamers fantasies perfectly .

  4. I remember when Switch came out some critics claimed it was a remake (or at least a re-hashing) of the 1964 Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds movie, "Goodbye Charlie" (( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058154/?ref_=sr_2 ))... which was also very good, and it DID have some plot points in common, but it certainly wasn't a remake.
    Both are great movies!

  5. There is also a Bollywood remake of Switch called Mr Ya Miss. it is not that good, but I may add a post about it at a later time.

  6. Anonymous8/22/2013

    It was not his first and only Gender Bender movie. He also did "Victor/Victoria."

    That was just crossdressing, but still...

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