Fun Fair Fun

Alexis Adams
Karen believed in the ring. She had gotten it as a consolation price at the fun fair. She was not really a good shooter.

The old paper bag had some really old fashioned lettering on it:

"The Ring of Changes" it said. "Explore the universe in all its facets. Up becomes down. Ball becomes pin. Dark enters light. Out becomes in. Yes, wrong will be right, if you wear this ring."

There were two rings in the bag, none of them plastic. I could have sworn the metal looked like god. Each bore a kind of yin yang symbol. But the colors were black and red, not black and white.
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She put on hers, but nothing happened. "See," I said. "There is no magic!"

"You have to put the other one on," she cried. "Pleasepleasepleasepleeeeeeeeze!"

Her pouty lips made me do it. And in the next moment I was in her body and she was in mine.

It was as if she had expected this. I saw my own body jump in girly joy. "I am going to hang out with the boys," she said, and ran out with my car keys. "Don't wait up for me!"

I sat still in the sofa for an hour or so, not breathing. But finally my left hand found its way to my chest all by itself, and my left hand wandered down to the strange place between my legs.

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This just feels too good. I am not going to take off this ring, ever!

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