The results from the The Other Side of Your Soulpoll

I would like to thank those who voted in my poll on your favorite kind of story - all 1659 of you!

It is not that I won't follow my own ideas when writing new stories, but it helps to know what you like the most.

Maybe this could be of use to other story writers and captioneers as well, when they plan their creative work.

You do not represent an unbiased selection of respondents, that's for sure, and the fact that so many of you voted for "Magical change" and "Forced against his will" as your favorite fantasies may reflect that this blog has so many of those stories.

That transexuals and cross-dressing scored low may  be due to the fact that you represent one sub-section of the transgender community, while transsensuals and cross-dressers represent another. I am not sure about that, however. It could also be that the act of cross-dressing turns you on, but reading about it does not.

Some of you also gave me some great comments on what you would like to see more of here at Rebecca's World.

Several of you were pretty specific: " Lesbian in terms of girl on girl, period. East Asian. Forced. Not mind controlled but seduced."

Although most of you belong to the "change by magic" camp, there are others that look for more realism: 

"I'd like to see more stories chronicling the actual feminization of men via hormones and implants by either father figures or bosses or friends but with using real pictures of transsexuals. There aren't hardly ANY decent tranny captions out there in the whole world."

(I hope to rectify that).

Some of you look for topics I hadn't even considered, like furry gender transformations, futanaris and female lack of bladder control. (Come to think of it; I have actually covered the last one).

Those of you who likes TS and TV stories or tales about MILFs and black girls (two other lowly ranked alternatives) should not despair, however. There will be caps for all you, although maybe not as many in those categories as originally planned.

There is one big surprise for me in this poll, though: The fact that "love stories" only got 111 votes. 

Seriously folks: Girls love romance, pillow talk and chick flicks with pink covers. Go home and practice! Right away! Now! Hush!

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  1. I think the girly romance stories scored so low as many might not come here for that.

    People probably see myself as someone who only really likes the hardcore side of TG because of my site. But I am just showing one side.

    When I am in that mood I go to websites that catre more for that.

    Also I am not the most keen of more romantic stuff to be read online, I prefer that curled up on a sofa or in bed.

    So I would not be too surprised. Perhaps when people come here they are looking for the more sexual aspects and they still have that soft feminine more girly side thay allow out in other places.

    I know I often allow that side out on places like second life.

  2. Anonymous12/03/2008

    the magic/medallion factor is repetitive and boring to me. Realism is what counts - something to make me believe that this sort of thing is attainable.

  3. Alas for many realism is boring because they find it limited and that the feminisation just does not go far enough.

    As advanced as modern sex-changes are, hormones etc it still cannot give the full female experience.

    Some sites catre more towards the RL stuff and others more to the fantastical. This generally is more the latter which I am very happy about myself.

  4. Very Good Karma12/06/2008

    Thank you for coming out in defense of romance Rebecca! Now I won't despair of seeing more love stories from you. I also second Freya's preference for unrealistically complete transformations.

    Personally, I've found good romance in transgender fiction to be quite rare. Part of this is because many stories are justifiably about SEX, not romance, and I'm not complaining about that. Sex is an integral part of transgender for me; why cross over without going all the way? What I don't understand is stories that make no effort to include it, even explicitly rejecting it. Ed Miller, for example, writes some great stuff, but I just can't identify with that desire to be objectified.

    Actually, lately I've had fantasies about switching and then struggling with the dating scene, since I've got, you know, some self-respect, and am not willing to just fuck anything. Frustration with finding a good man then leads to much self-pleasuring.

    Another one of my favorite types of stories involve female friendships, in which a guy is led through his transformation by a close female friend, sometimes a sister, and they form a deep bond. One of the sweetest versions of this I've encountered is in Patricia's "Changes In Paradise" series, when a transgendered boy triplet is about to be changed to match his twin sisters, and when he asks one of them to make him her sister, she comes back with "You have *always* been my sister."

    Oh, and then there's this heartwarming amateur animation:

    And this funny (and sad) Mega64 skit:

  5. Anonymous12/07/2008

    I can't remember if I voted for it, but I do like love stories. I should correct that, I like good love stories. Unfortunately, most love stories are pretty bad and tend to annoy the heck out of me.


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