Experiment No. 69

Experiment No. 69.

Subject 345-1988 Alexander Reins.

Report of August 4 2009. Day 45. Dr. Melanie Frank presiding.

The Y2X nanoviral serum has now completed the process of changing the subject's body into its new female form.

The subject continues to show signs of stress, however, and refuses to reconcile herself with the transformation. This is not unusual at this stage of development, but out of concern for the mental health of the subject it is imperative that the lab psychiatrist encourages the proper femininzation of the subject's psyche.

Dr. Frank Walters reports that the subject actively represses her new female sexual drive. She refuses to wear feminine attire and selects baggy clothes that conceals her new shape. Dr. Walters is very optimistic, though, as he has seen clear signs of sublimated feminine desire appear in dreams and regular behavior.

When caught unaware she responds to the new name Lexie, and her new craving for carrots and cucumbers must be considered progress. Dr. Walters recommends that the subject is introduced to a male sexual therapist early next week for deflowering.

After another two weeks of behavioral reconditioning she should be ready for reunification with her family, as we believe any antisocial traits will have been eliminated by that time.

Dr. Melanie Frank (signed)

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This one is for Lexie.

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