The Anniversary

"Happy anniversary, darling!" John's wife on August 23, exactly three years after their wedding.

"I know that you said that you wanted a new fishing rod, but I am not stupid, you know. You don't have to be Freud to understand what you really are talking about."

"What?" John stuttered. "I really like to have a new rod for the salmon rivers of Alaska. I know it is not romantic, but..."

"Hush, darling. Stop blabbering. It doesn't suit you. I know that you have been in my drawers putting on my underwear. You cannot put a bra like mine on a body like yours without stretching the fabric, you know."

"But, but, but..."

"Don't but, but, but me. I even have the photos to prove it.

"Now, listen carefully. I love you, baby, and I won't condemn anyone wanting to be a sexy woman. I am one myself, and wouldn't swap places with a man for all the diamonds in South Africa.

"So here's my anniversary present for you. Drink the magic potion within this bottle. It will turn you into a sexy woman, so the witch assured me, but there is a price to pay."

"A price?"

"Yes, you must understand that I cannot live a life without cock. So I want your permission to ask our friend Harold over every time the urges get me."

"OK," John replied timidly, thinking of Harold's big dick.

Then he drank up all the potion before his wife had a chance to change her mind.


  1. Anonymous12/09/2008

    I love this story! Fucking hot!!

  2. This one was really sweet Beccs.

  3. Anonymous12/09/2008

    HOT! There should be MORE like this one! :)


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