The Sex Change Experiment

So far no one has really managed to make sense of the concepts of sex and gender; what makes some feel like women and others like men.

Moreover, it is notoriously hard to define what "feminine" and "masculine" really entails.

Fortunately this research team has decided to find out by performing a highly original experiment.

They claim that they have proved that they can change any man into a complete woman through psychological conditioning.

You may dear readers are invited to the lecture presenting this sex change experiment.

Prepare yourself for a lot of forced feminization, humiliation, strap-on domination, and forced cross-dressing. You know the drill.

This one is not for the faint at heart!

The images are from Strapon Sissies and Brazzers.

Go to Slideshare and select Full for an online full screen experience!

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  1. Danyelle12/15/2008

    This was great I'd love to see more like this


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