My Little Pony

- You have to help me out of this, mum. I am a boy. I cannot stay like this!

- Ah, Kamil! Half the world population are girls. I can assure you, we cope very well, most of us. And girls are so much more well behaved and civilized. I look forward to having a daughter. I do!

- But if you beg uncle Merlin to reverse that spell, I am sure...

- Nonsense! I asked him to put this spell on you.

- You did?

- Of course! I am tired of the mess you make in this house. Boys are noisy and dirty. Besides, I have always dreamed of dressing up my own little girl in pink and laces. You are going to love it.

- No, I won't!

- Oh yes you are! You are still changing, you know. In a weeks time you will have the body of a twelve year old. One week later, you'll be ten, and by the time the magic settles you will be a sweet little girl ready for her first day at school.

- But, I am a university student.

- Yeah, that will give you a head start, I guess. Not that you will remember so much of it. Next month you sweet little mind will be filled with My Little Pony and all kinds of girly stuff. Now, we need a beautiful name for my beautiful girl. What about Sarah?

- Oh, mum!!!

- Sarah it is then. Now, I know that you are upset my little girl, so I have brought you a present.

- You have?

- Look here! Isn't it beautiful? Your very own Barbie-doll. A pink princess!

- But mum, I won't play with dolls! I have never played with dolls.

Still there was something deep down in Kamil's new body that responded to the doll and he took it hesitantly.

It was beautiful. Images of gardens and tea parties flowed, beautiful horses and knights in shining armour flowed into his mind.

His mother beamed when she saw his interest.

- And Sarah, I have another gift for you as well. What do you say? Would you like to try it on?

There it was: A dress, all pink and made for a sweet little princess.

- Yeah, I know, it will be for big for you in a couple of days. But you can try it on now, and then, when you grow older, you can wear it again. The boys will just fall head over heals in love with you!

Kamil grabbed the dress and went to his room. When his mother entered his room the next morning to wake him up she found him sleeping on the bed in a far too big dress.

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  1. Anonymous12/25/2009

    great story but i think it should be turned into a slidshow


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