The Visitor

He is not a bad boy, the body I inhabit. The powers that be chose him for some reason.

Maybe it was because he is so kind. I need to learn more about kindness. 

Or maybe it was because he needs me. He can be so weak sometimes and needs someone to help him become more affirmative, strict even. 

I have heard his friends tell him that they think he has grown up lately, and that he has become better at defending himself.

He knows that I am here, although he tries to suppress that knowledge. It scares him, I guess, to have a woman's voice at the back of his mind. 

The Council is aware of the risks involved in exploring cultures this way, but we need to know more about the humans before we make the major decision: To include them in the Alliance or.... 

I have made him believe that he needs a solitary trip to the beach today -- out on one of the more isolated islands. 

I need to reconfigure his reality matrix, and to be myself for just a few hours. For him it will be like a dream of being a woman, but an important dream as it will prepare him for the final merger of our two personalities.  

I need my own body to do my job. I cannot get access to their inner government as him, I'm afraid.

This one is for Alexia.

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The photos is from Met-Art. The model is Sally A, the photographer Jon Barry. 

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