Jack in the Shower

There is no reason to be shy Jack. I have seen you naked before, remeber. I am your wife, after all.

Yes, yes, I can see that you have a different body now than you had a couple of minutes ago. No, it's all real and you are not going mad. Not much, anyway.

The thing is, our kids and I had a family meeting... What, without you? Of course it was without you!

You are never here, remember! Always travelling from one meeting to another. You hardly see your kids, anymore.

Anyway, we decided we had to find a way to make you stay at home, so we hired a professional witch to put a shapeshifter spell on our shower.

Anyone who takes a shower in this bathroom today will be changed into a more suitable appearance.

And you have been given a new female body, as you can see.

I know you have rather traditional views of the roles of genders, so this means that you will have to stay home and take care of the kids. This way we can even plan for more kids! Wouldn't that be nice, darling?

Now, there is one problem with all this, and that is that I will have to support the family.
So move aside, baby! I need to take a shower, as well.

The witch assured me that no one will notice that a new guy has taken over your job as CEO.

She also assured me that I would be as well endowed down there as you are up here. Maybe we can make that baby, tonight, sweetie!

This one is for Jackie Blue!

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