If I tried to escape? Oh, I did, believe me. But I was kidnapped, imprisoned in a villa out in the South American jungle, so where could I go?

They always found
me, so I gave up.

I didn’t realize what they were doing to me until my nipples started to itch. The areola became soft and puffy.They put the hormones in my drinking
water I believe, and I needed to drink. It is so hot here!

They wouldn't cut my hair, and since it had been kind of long when I got here, I started to look like a girl.

Then they removed my clothes, replacing them with panties, skirts and blouses.

And my tits expanded, slowly but steadily and I knew that I had reached the point of no return when I had to ask for a bra.

From time to time they came and took photos of me. I believe they sent them to my father. He is at the District Attorney's office in New York and he must have pissed these gangster off in a serious way.

I do not think they have asked for ransom money. He would have paid.

I cant help it. I am totally mesmerized by my tits. I touch them, stroke them, hold them, because they represent everything I have lost: the love of a woman.

At first I jerked off to images of me fucking a girl with big tits. Now I am that girl in fantasies. I can't help it!

When Antonio came to fuck me for the first time, I didn't resist him. I know that I smiled to the camera man as he filmed me being penetrated from behind for the first time. I smiled because it felt so good to be loved by someone, to be one with someone.

Now I can’t wait for the evenings, when he comes back from work. I long for him to fill me up and call me his darling. The good thing is that he is doing it without the cameras now.

I probably feel this way because I am lonely. Some kind of Stockholm syndrome, maybe.

But it doesn't matter much, does it. This is where I am, and I am a woman now.
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Images of lovely Patricia from
Tranny Surprise.


  1. Anonymous11/11/2009

    I'm sorry, but the "enlarge" links don't work.

  2. Another winner. Very sexy showing how he couldn't run away and then gradually became addicted to the sex.

  3. If I could look that good.......

  4. Anonymous11/10/2010

    lovely work!


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