Bangkok Surprise

He was there for the art, mostly, and the food. Of course! Thai food! He loved Thai food! And when he finally ended up in Bangkok's Patpong district, it was purely out of cultural curiosity.

Prostitution was part of Thai culture, right? And he was there to look, not touch.

Still, he could not resist when that sweet Thai girl lured him into the club. And didn't hesitate much when she pulled him up the stairs into her room. Nor did he protest much when she served him that damned drink. He should have known that something was fishy when it started to glow.

The next morning he woke up in her body. She was gone, with his passport, his credit cards, his name, his body and his wife dammit! She was probably enjoying her new rich life in Atlanta immensely, while he was serving customers in Bangkok. 

Well, he did speak English fluently, which helped him deal with the foreign customers -- the Farang. Maybe one day one of them would marry him and offer him a new prosperous life in the West.

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Images by Sextronix.


  1. you have no idea how many times I fantasize about this already

  2. me too, it would be so awesome to end up working in a brothel that way


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