The Well of Inanna

"Baby, you should really join me! The water is fresh and warm, and it has such a sweet taste. My dear wife, come on! Maybe we can play a little, you know?"
"I’ll wait till after the transformation, Andy. This is the Well of Inanna, you know."

"Surely, you don’t believe in those myths? They are totally unscientific and beyond... Hey, oooh, ah, wooooow! Good God, I’m changing! Eva, I am changing! My chest! My dick! It is shrinking!"

"I know, darling, don’t worry. You won’t miss it, and I’ll get you a replacement
later on."

"It is not that I am not in for an exciting game, Eva, but shouldn't you have asked me before you did something like this? Wooow, look at these tits!"

"You are far too timid, baby, and you know as well as I do that I am the one wearing the trousers around here. I always know what is best for you, my love!"

"All right, Eva, I'll admit as much. This is so strange!"

"Don't you feel good, darling?"

"Eva, I feel good. I feel more than good. I feel beautiful, sexy, hot and I sure like the way these nipples reach for the sky. Please Eva, would you like to suck them?"

"That was the plan, all along, baby. Come here, Nadia!"

"Are you sure I will get my cock back afterwards?"

"No, these changes are irreversible. But after I had my bath later on this evening, I’ll let you taste mine."

Images from Hustler.

This cap was made for alterego5150x over at Rachel's World.

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