Bright Beauty

Hey there!

My name is Akemi. It means Bright Beauty in Japanese. I am 18 years old and go to school here in Tokyo.

I know why you noticed me. I used to be like you once, a long time ago.

No, it's true! I was a Swedish business man, trying desperately to get a contract with Toyota.

God, I was stupid!

I knew nothing about how to behave myself, and started negotiating before the exchange of business cards. I ate my sushi with a knife and a fork and made a total ass of myself during karaoke.

I thank the gods for the local Toyota representatives who helped me to a better life.

They brought me to a local soapland, you see, where one of the female companions gave me a nourishing bath. She knew the magic of womanhood, and the water turned me into the school girl you see now.

I was pretty upset as first, as you may imagine, but she taught me how pleasurable it can be to be a woman, and there is no way I will go back to being a man now. Not that I can, mind you!

One of the Japanese business men had no children, so he and his wife adopted me and taught me Japanese.

I used to be like you. Big, hairy and ugly, with no elegance or beauty.

Listen! I can take you to the soapland if you want to.

I would very much like to have you as a sister you know. You can be my butterfly, Cho! And we can read manga together.

And I think you would like my friend Akio. He is such a gentle boy...

Images from Erotic Japan.

The model is Kanan Kawai, and there is, of course, no similarity between her and the main character of this story.

This cap was made for venatus over at Rachel's Haven.

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  1. Anonymous4/12/2008

    Thanks for the Asian story! I've been waiting anxiously for this one.


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