Guest Cap: Know-it All

Here's a sweet techno cap I got from wakkawakke200 over at Rachel's Haven.

Wakkawakka? Must be Hawaiian!

Click on image to enlarge!

Here is the text:

Alan was a bit of a "know-it-all" in his family. He always knew why something was the way it was, and got a bit peeved when people didn't listen. Coming home after a busy day at work showing everyone the basic functions of the new computer system at work, he was none to pleased to be asked to fix his mother's computer again.

"Mom, I told you a hundred times to stop clicking on all those pop-ups!"

"I am sorry honey, it just wouldn't go away," she replied, secretly smiling.

Sighing to himself Alan clicked the computer on to notice a small window showing a confirmation window. As he went to dispose of it the windows displayed the message "Thank you, Jessica".

Alan did not understand the message and went to click it away when the mouse tumbled off the table.

Picking the mouse up, Jessica could only look at her mum and ask: "Mum, why won't the computer work? I need to get on to check my MySpace account! I need to know if Beth is gonna meet me at the mall tomorrow!"

Thanks to wakkawakka200!

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