Tina's surrender

Tina. Can I call you Tina? Well, your birth name doesn't seem appropriate now, does it? Well, Tina.

There are those that say that if we were able to look into the hearts of our friends and family and see what they really thought, we would all be so appalled that we would leave each other.

Then there are those who say that if we found out about the secret dreams and the hidden desires of our companions, it would be a relief of gigantic proportions.

Suddenly we would understand that we were not the only ones with strange urges and seemingly bizarre fantasies. We all have them, of one type of the other.

You know, you have been so careful to hide your tracks on your computer, but I found your browser cache files.

I know what sites you visit, and what you dream of.

You fantasize of being a girl. No, don't deny it! I know that you do.

You dream of having a petite, feminine, body with a sweet face and long silky, black, hair. You imagine yourself wearing black, sexy, lingerie. Shoes with high heels. Silk stockings.

And you dream of a big, strong, brute of a man desiring you, worshipping you, making his claim over you.

You dream of meeting him in a secret place, so that no one will know.

You dream of giving in to your animal nature. To fall down on all four and present your sex to your man and to be taken, to be possessed.

No, it is too late to run now, Tina. I have the spell and I have the power. Don't fight it, the transformation will take no time at all.

Ah, there you are, your true shape at last!

My, you are absolutely stunning!

I want you down on your knees! Right now! There is no point in fighting me; this is after all what you want deep inside.

That's right, girl. Grab my dick! Hmmm, just like that. Now suck it like the horny woman you are! Yess, that's right. Let go! Let yourself go!

Now, turn around and show me your butt. Ask me to fuck you! Say it! Yes, now ask me to fuck you hard!

Can you feel my cock sliding inside you?

Does it feel good to be filled up with cock? Is it as fullfilling as you dreamed it would be? It is, isn't it?

I am going to ravage you, Tina. I am going to bring you to that place only women in heat know.

Oh God, you pussy is so tight and so wet.

I love seeing you shake. I love the way you moan. I love the way you try to thrust your pelvis up against mine.

Listen carefully Tina, if I cum inside you now, you will stay like this forever. It is up to you.

Do you want me to cum inside your pussy or do you want me to cum on your face? You'd better make up your mind fast, because you are just too hot to handle.

What did you say? Louder, girl, louder!

You want me to cum inside you? Good choice, Tina, good choice. Here we go!

Hmmmm, listen to the girl screaming. That was one hell of a series of orgasms.

I can feel your pussy muscles contracting. You are trying to milk me dry. I think you succeeded.

Yeah, you can cry now. I will take care of you.

Images of Angelina Croft by Sextronix 18 Passport.

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This one is dedicated to Tina and her wonderful blog.


  1. Wow, that was an amazing story! I really liked it. It think it really captures Tina very well.

  2. Rebecca I loved that story so much when you first posted it on my blog. I am still eternally thankful for you making me one like this!

    I'm glad you posted this too cause I've been getting a lot less comments than more, more silence....

    Thank you girl gain!!!


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