The Difference

It was the hair that made the difference. Richard knew that now. If only his wife hadn't changed into a woman with long, beautiful copper hair, he would have been able to resist.

He could have locked himself into the cellar, and waited for the spell to lose its power.

After all, she had used the spell before on her boss, and the only reason he was now working as her bimbo secretary, was that Brad hadn't been able to resist his urges.

Richard knew that too well, as he had been the one that took advantage of the newborn woman's fragile state, and made that change pemanent.

But his wife knew his weakness for long hair, and had given him the body of his secret dreams to punish him for his infedeliety.

He tried to calm his breath, to supress his longing, to resist the urges by closing his eyes and biting his lip, but the hair was caressing his bare shoulder and he found himself touching it, and inhaling its sweet scent.

Before he knew it, he was in front of the mirror, admiring his feminine looks and perfect body. He found himself cupping his perk breasts, pinching his stiff nipples, and -- finally -- exploring his increasingly damp sex.

He could hear his wife laughing upstairs. She was talking to Evan, their next door neighbour. Of course she was. He was a stud, and she knew that Richard would start fantasizing about what he had in his pants.

Images of himself on all four being punded with thick cock from behind flashed before his eyes, and he fell to his knees moaning.
At that moment he knew he had lost, that he would be bound to this shape forever, as his wife's slave and slut.

Still, there were worse fates than this one, he said to himself as he crawled up the stairs to look for Evan. Yeah, there were worse.
His wife looked at him with those seemingly innocent eyes of hers.

"Well, hello there Angie. I am so glad you had the time to join us. This is Evan, my good friend and neighbour. Evan, this is Angie, an old friend of mine. She is moving in with me now that Richard has decided to abandon me."

"Listen, Belle," Evan said with deep sympathy in his voice. "We all feel with you. Richard was a
bastard. He didn't know what good he had, and he's the one losing out in this."
My wife faked another one of her brilliant smiles.

"I hope you are right, Evan, but I am not sure."

She smiled at me and laughed: "I am sure he will enjoy his new life more than he expects!"

This one is for Angie.

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The pictures of lovely Madelyn is from Reality Kings, probably my favorite treasure trove for capping material.


  1. Wonderful. I wish I were that lucky.

  2. It looks like the link to the larger pic1 is broken. From the html source, I figured it out: Pic 1 (fullsize).

    Another great set Rebecca. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for letting me know. The link should be working now -- I hope.

  4. I really love this one, you should do something else like this soon

  5. Anonymous11/19/2009

    Could you please reset the link to Hair 1 currently get directed to Hair 2


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