A new beginning

"Damn it, Ryan. You cheap bastard! You use old Chinese condoms, and now...." his beautiful girlfriend has been red hot and glowing with anger, "... and now I am knocked up"

"Well, can't you... eh.. take care of it?" he ventured.

She looked at him as he was some kind of slimy bug. "Take care of it? This is our child, you moron! Well, I am not going to let this stop me from getting my Ph.D. in theoretical physics. You can carry it to term!"

"Me?" he had murmured. "How can I help you with this?"

"You are bailing out, aren't you?" she snared.

"Well, my grandmothers spell book will take care of that!" And then she had uttered one of those fateful curses her Bulgarian grandmother used to make us of, when she got pissed.

It only a took a second, and he found himself in the body of Riley looking into the eyes of his own male body.

"Take good care of our kid, " he heard his own voice saying. "I am leaving for college. You can stay here and take care of the kid. I am sure my parents will pay for it all."

That was seven months ago. Now he was standing by the window, with his hand on his protruding belly, feeling the kid kick inside.

He was at ease with his body now. He cupped his swollen tit and felt it respond to his touch. He kind of liked being a girl. He felt strong and soft at the same time.

He massaged his swollen nipple and felt the pressure inside it. A drop of milk fell to the floor.

He was prepared now, prepared for taking care of that kid - loving that kid. Ha! Riley could just keep his body. This was what he was made for!

He wanted someone to share this with, though. It was nice that his old friend Peter stuck around.

Maybe the two of them....

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This one is for Riley Jean.

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