Introducing TFCC: Trangender Fiction, Captions and Comics

When I finally started to find some of the major TG sites a year ago or so, I was surprised to see how hard it was to find them in the search engines.

"Sisters" out there, looking for transgender erotica will have a hard time finding sites like Rachel's Haven or even Fictionmania.

This is partly caused by a lack of local search engine marketing expertise (have you optimized your blog for the keywords TG enthusiasts are most likely to search for?).

However, I soon realized that the main reason is that most of these sites are hidden behind Content Warning pages, and some even block the search engines on purpose in order to save bandwidth.

Last week Blogger decided to put up a content warning on this site. Fair enough, it is pretty explicit.

But even if Blogger is owned by Google, they have clearly not realized that the warning page blocks the search engines from spidering the blog. So now this blog is getting invisible as well.

Which is one reason I now present a new open blog called TFCC, Transgender Fiction, Captions and Comics that is to serve as a commented directory of transgender fiction blogs and sites, and that is to help searchers find all the great sites that are out there.

It is a work in progress, and I will add many more sites in the time to come.

I need your help, however. If TFCC is to function as a magnet for both search engines and searchers I need your help to make the new site visible. Therefore any link from any site to TFCC is very much welcomed.

Let me know if you do link to the new site. It will help your site get into the TFCC blogroll.

The URL is http://transgenderfiction.wordpress.com/


  1. I found all of those sites with the help of search engines. THey do not show everything. But it is easy to find pages that collect links to those "explicite" pages and provide even own content:
    Who is interested enough, usually reads through those and find something they like, sooner or later.

  2. This is definitely true. There are some "holes in the fence" to put it that way. And searchers can use those holes to track other valuable sites (provided, of course, that we all spread a little link-love!)

    But I have been looking around in this area for close to two years, and I still find new valuable resources that should have been included in the search engines.

  3. Nice idea! I've added a link from TGCaptions.co.uk to TFCC :)

  4. Thank you very much, Joanna. I have put up a link back!


  5. Hey Becs, I have added a link at my Blog Sweetie. A very good Idea.

  6. Thank you very much, Alexia! You are now in the blogroll!



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