By a jury of your peers

Judge Anna Hansen looked at him with anger in her eyes.

"This court is appalled at the ruthlessness of your behavior and your total lack of respect for the female gender. Calling your colleague a 'beautiful woman' was sexual harassment of the worst kind!"

She looked at the jury forewoman. "What is your verdict"

The firm matron leading the jury answered promptly: "Guilty, your honor!"

"Randall Corman, I hereby sentence you to one year of public servitude as a woman.

"Given the aggravating circumstances of your crime, the nanoviral serum will be programmed to give you the body of a sexy, voluptuous, woman, exactly the kind of shape that attracts the interests of primitive men like yourself.

"Their filthy approaches will teach you never to treat women like that ever again!"

If the judge had known about the kind of web sites Randall was visiting at home, she might probably have thought of a more frightening punishment.

This one is for TG Mage .

Click on images to enlarge!

The model is Constance Devil and the pictures are from DDF Busty.

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