Bobby, the transgender bodyhopper

He had to get away! He just had to. The feds had been after him for over six months now, and it was only a matter of time before they discovered his large scale smuggling operation.

His cover as a high school teacher would not change that.

However, his hard work had not been totally in vain. Trying to find a means of escape, he had gone to Haiti, asking one of the wizards there for help.

He must have been mad, giving away a million dollar for a spell that might not work.

But it did work. The day the agents entered his classroom, he turned the ring they had given him and desperately grabbed the person next to him by the hand-- his obnoxious pupil Bobby, as it turned out.

In the next moment he could see the feds dragging his own screaming body down the hall.

He had planned to possess a grown up man, of course, but there had been no time for that.

It wasn't too bad being a teenage girl in a teenage world, however, all things considered. With all his experience he had an advantage over his fellow class mates. That came in handy, as these girls could be amazingly evil, and the boys charmingly naive.

But the hormones were hard to handle. This was the third time this week he was grounded. Maybe he could do some homework? Nah, there were other parts of nature to explore...

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This one is dedicated to Alessandra.

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  1. Those are the cutest shorts! I want them!!


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