The Wish 3

There once was a mighty witch, who -- for a sufficient fee -- would change reality for you.

She would follow your wish to the letter. She was not equally good at interpreting the spirit of your request, however. And she had a wicked sense of humor. But then again you cannot have everything.

Tom had seen how much Anna loved her new life as a woman. And in the previous installment of the Wish he vanished magically from the scene.

If you take a look at the picture on the right you will see where he ended up.

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See the full screen version on Slideshare.

Photos of the witch (Danielle Maye) from 1 by Day. 

Photos of Heatheer Vahn from Brazzers. You can find the relevant video over there.


  1. Hot, as always, Rebecca. But it felt... rushed.

    I love your work, always have, but, unlike what may be the majority of would-be-women, my driving desire for the female experience doesn't revolve around 'phallus-sophy', rather the savoring of sapphic sensuality! Sharing and being shared in tender, tantalizing temptress teasing and pleasing!

    Just throwing my 'two-cents' in. Peace,Love&Kisses;

  2. Beautiful work as always. This one was A+++, all of it was great.

  3. It seems to me that a majority of male to female crossdreamers are gynephilic in their male identity, while many may swing both ways in their female incarnation. But I get the longing for sapphic senusality!

  4. Anonymous5/09/2012

    Awesome awesome awesome awesome. Needs a little bit more of an epilogue but that was awesome. My favourite on the site, and I was a HUGE Babylon Academy fan.

  5. I want both Beccs. I long for that big cock inside me, but I also want the soft and sexy girl lover as well. Maybe a Shemale lover would work? My greatest fantasy has been to become the Pet for my Sweet Boy and the Woman I know he will marry. To serve them both forever.....It would be the best of both worlds.


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