Guest Cap: Becky the Burglar

Here is a very mysterious and intriguing cap made by friend Jay over at Rachel's Haven.

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  1. Anonymous5/12/2012

    hello. my name is claire. im here on behalf of an ex boyfriend and lifetime friend of mine. i just want to say thank you to you and everyone involved in this community. though i do not personally use your site or share these feelings, i wanted you and everyone else to know how your helping change the lives of those who do. i dated a wonderful man through college, university and a while after, we shared a loving relationship and were always referred to as the couple who would last forever. he shared with me his feelings of wanting to be femalea few years ago and at first we tried to make it work (which led to ALOT of very inventive sex) i helped bring out his feminine side and we became closer then ever, he eventually opened up fully to me, uncluding sharing this site with me. i know he loved your work and always used your site to find links to others like it, which i guess is why im posting this here. im sorry if ive gone off target but i want everyone in this world to know this wonderful man i loved with all my heart who was so kind and caring but was always hurting from the pain inside of knowing he could never be what he wanted to be. found refuge here and although i put a smile on his face, nothing made him happier than these stories and captions you create. please spread this amongst your community, i know he always felt alone and wouldnt wish that on anyone so hope this helps inspire you to keep working and make other people smile. p.s. im now happily engaged and im still best friends with my ex. who has also moved on and is in a bisexual relationship. the lucky thing xx thank youu xx

  2. I am sorry I did not see this one until now, Claire. For some obscure reason your comment was caught in the spam filter.

    Thank you very much for the kind words! They mean a lot to me. I will refer to them in a separate post.



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