Sienna West from Brazzers.
Imagine the United States  being taken over by religious fundamentalists insisting on bringing back their traditional gender roles.

Will sexual desire disappear? Of course not!  Will the misuse of power disappear? Unlikely.

No, in this version of America freedom loving women are willing to pay whatever it takes to preserve their independence, swapping bodies with men who are desperate enough to go for the life of a woman.

Here are the links to the higher resolution PDF file: Divshare or Box

You can also read the story over at Slideshare.

The images of Sienna West are from Brazzers.com.



  1. That. Is. BRILLIANT! I got a brain boner from reading the story description. I haven't read the story yet but I love the concept of this universe. I wonder what a woman's life is like in this world? Is there a resistance force? Do men sign up for this or are they tricked? If it's both which is more likely to have happened? I'ma go read. It says file not available...might want to look into that.

  2. Hmmm...

    A minor adventure in a great world. Good photos, good story, yada yada. My issue was there was this great development and potential for this amazing conflict, but it all got resolved in one page with a magic bullet.

    Oh boy, I bet he'll resist being a girl now and resent being tricked and try to rebel against his captors but find a woman's limited freedom stifling and--oh, magic conditioning fixes all. I thought something good might happen when the words said one thing and the thought bubbles said another, but that didn't go anywhere.

    This is still a great, open universe that I hope lots of authors will decide to play in.

  3. Anonymous5/31/2012

    Very hot story, Rebecca


  4. Hi Rebecca, I re open my blog with tg caps in spanish. this is the link

  5. Anonymous10/09/2012

    this is my favorite


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