Bride to Be

Jim, I need to you to sit still, OK? Mrs. Anderson was very clear about this: I am to make you look totally adorable for your great evening.

Jim, no, I mean Jennifer, I am to call you Jennifer, darling, how silly of me!

Jennifer, I think you look absolutely dashing already, and if I had been anywhere near straight, I would have kidnapped you and dragged you all the way to Barbados to have you all for myself.

No, don't look alarmed. I am totally harmless. Your bridegroom to be, however, he is absolutely yummy!

Now, Denise have done a good job on your makeup, darling, and believe me, I am the best on hair this side of the city. I will make you look like a princess. A few stripes, a lot of volume, well, you know what's hot these days.

You don't? Oh, forgive me! I constantly forget that you were a boy just yesterday. Do you miss your dick, baby? I would have. I know I would have! But you will get more than enough of that from your husband, dear.

You don't want to be married?

Oh dear, I am afraid it is far too late for that. Mrs. Anderson always gets her will.

What did you do to piss her off, anyway? Her last servant tried to sell her silverware, and he -- ah, she -- is married to a naval officer now. Did you do something like that, gorgeous? Yeah, I thought so.

This one is for vampyro. Click on images to enlarge!


  1. Rebecca, You Are Just An Awasome Writer.My Kudos To You.

  2. Cool story and nice pictures. :) It is stories like this that kept things manageable while fictionmania was down, though I'm happy it is back up. :) Keep them coming please!


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