DHL Delivery

"Bill, there is someone at the door! Open it, will you?" Jane called from the kitchen.

"OK!" 12 year old Bill run down the stairs and opened the door.

"Hello there!" the uniformed man said. "I have a DHL delivery for you. Would you please sign here?"

Bill did and dragged the package into the hall.

"Mum! It's dad! The Transfemme company has fixed him!"

"Really?" Jane came running to the door.

She looked down at her husband. Thoroughly wrapped in red plastic; only his nose was visible, open for air.

"Oh, I am so excited!" Jane exclaimed. "Bill, go fetch your little sister, grandpa and uncle Fred right away!"

Jane bent down and unwrapped her husband's head. He had a wild look in his eyes.He was gagged, though, and didn't manage to say a word.

"Oh my, Andrew, you are beautiful! Transfemme has done an excellent job on you. Let us look at your tits!" She tore loose some more plastic. "Hmmm, big and juicy, just as my brother likes them..."

She stood up. "Don't go anywhere, Andrew! I am going to prepare the family dinner. I promise, we will unwrap you after we have eaten!"

She chuckled all the way to the kitchen. This was so much better than divorce!

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Images from the Sextronix family of sites. Available via TotallyBrunette.com!

This one is for Leila!


  1. That was a great caption, I really liked it a lot!

  2. Sorry to sound like a prude, but the involvement of kids really turned me off this one.

  3. this one seems.. weird

  4. I can see why some find this one... eh.. weird. Actually, I was in a Monty Python mood when I made it. They have this wonderful scene in the Meaning of Life where some 100 kids in a Roman Catholic family sing the song "Every Sperm is Sacred". It is the absurd contrast between innocent looking musical style and the rather serious message that makes the whole sketch. Needless to say, this cap is not to be taken too seriously.

  5. Anonymous8/09/2013

    One of my favs...the child is a bit iffy but awesome!!!

    Thank you

  6. Anonymous8/09/2013

    One of my favs...the child is a bit iffy but awesome!!!

    Thank you


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