Blonde and blonderer

Yeah, yeah, I know this one is just too silly. What can I say?

Brain was really getting the hang of it now:

"And do you know blondes say after sex? No, no?..." He was laughing the way he did after one too many beers:

"'Thanks guys!' She says: 'Thanks guys!'"

Samantha was not amused. But then again she was blond.

"And here's another," Brian continued.

"What do blondes and spaghetti have in common? They both wriggle when you eat them! And do you know why blondes give such good blow-jobs? Because that's what they train for all their lives."

"No, that's not the correct answer," Samantha replied. "It is because they once have been stupid boys who have insulted a Grade 1 Witch incessantly."

She uttered a few words in ancient Sanskrit and Brian suddenly found himself in the body of an amazingly sexy blonde.

"What do you call a blonde with a runny nose?" Samantha asked her newborn sister.

"I don't know," blonde Brenda answered.


Brenda shook her pretty head: "I don't get it!"

"Oh, but you will, Brenda," Samantha answered. "You will!"

This a is cap from blonde Rebecca to blonde Brenda.

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The pix of Rhylee are from Bangbros.com


  1. Anonymous10/10/2010


    I can relate.

    to being Blonde.

  2. Anonymous10/10/2010


    I can relate.

    to being Blonde.

  3. We do have all the fun, don't we?


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