When in Rome

It was an excellent idea. On paper.

Professor Manson had invented a kind of time machine that was to open a whole new field of historical studies: Real time anthropological history, watching history in the making.

The researcher was not a time traveler per se, mind you. It was still impossible to move objects back in time. But it was possible, Manson found, to move information. And what is mind, but a complex system of information?

Attaching a person to his Wells Information Accelerator, he could let that man or woman piggy back the mind of any person in the past, so that he or she would see and hear whatever that historical figure experienced at any given time.

He convinced his lab assistant, Ian Tomlin, that he should be the first man on the timeline. After all, you could not risk the great mind of the great professor now, could you? There were rewards, of course: fame, the Nobel price, young female students swooning over him, etc. etc.

It was decided that Ian was to spy on the mind of the great Octavian himself, just before he became the great Roman emperor Augustus.

Ian opened his eyes to an old world. He could hear the noise of men and animals in a crowded city, and the strong scent of sweat and manure in the warm Italian air.

He was in Rome, all right, and in a Roman villa. But something had gone wrong, horribly wrong.

He looked down on the nubile and athletic body of a young woman.

He was not in the body of Octavian. He was in the body of one of the slave girls of the household. What more, he was not sitting at the back of her mind, watching the world go by; he was this girl and controlled her body in every way.

This was a disaster! He had to get back. But there was nothing he could do. His interface with the 21st century was broken, and the girl was now in his body, screaming, mad with fear.

"Ah, there you are, my dear Iania Prima!" Octavianus exclaimed as he entered the room.

"I have had yet another quarrel with Marcus Antonius, and is more tense than ever. You know how to make a man relax, don't you?"

Finally her "totally useless" knowledge of Latin came in handy, but when facing her first erect cock, Iania had to improvise.

This one is for Ian!

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  1. Anonymous6/23/2009

    why don't you make the pdf file of this story??it would be great.,.,.,

  2. I would love to do that, but I lack the necessary picture material. Too bad...


  3. AnonTG6/24/2009

    I don't know why, but this appeals to me on so many levels. I guess it's the feeling of complete helplessness and having to submit. An amazing cap, in my view.


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