Erik, Don't Cry!

So, sooo, Erik, there is no reason to cry! You are only ruining your make-up. We can't have that now, can we? 

I mean, there is nothing wrong with being a woman, is there? There is full equality now, you know. A woman can be anything she wants. 

Yes, apart from being a major league soccer player. But Erik, that was not you, you know! You are to much of a caring person to end up like some kind of testosteron driven bulldozer. 

Besides, your tits are far too big for you to manage any serious running now, anyway.

Your father and I have discussed this quite thoroughly. 

You know, he hates soccer and becomes very insecure when you aks him to catch ball or whatever it is boys are supposed to do. 

And I, well, I have always wanted a daughter I could dress up and talk to. You know, some real girl-to-girl gossip over a chick flick with Meg Ryan.

No, there is no way to turn you back! The nanoviral sereum is very expensive, I tell you, and besides, we do not have a DNA-blueprint of your old body anyway. 

We have cleaned the house and burned all your clothes. We can't take any chances, you know...

Listen, why don't you spend some time here in your room and get to know your body. 

I am a woman, you know, and knows all about that sort of thing. I am sure you will find that your curvy flesh will give you some pleasant suprises!

The pictures of Erica Campbell is from Sextronix, supplier of real hot photos!

This cap is dedicated to Courtney!

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  1. Anonymous10/25/2009

    Wow! This cap is amazing! The story is superb, not too bad a model either, although Erica Campbell isn't my favourite!


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