Minicap: Out of Hand

Sam had completely lost control of the situation.

He had spent 1 million dollar for that spell.

It was to be the perfect revenge: turning his obnoxious boss into a blonde bimbo.

And then his boss had found the spell where he had hidden it: taped to his computer screen.

The witch had been very clear: If he got even a drop of semen inside him, he would be stuck forever.

His boss didn't even remove his gag, but ejaculated all over his face.

Sam could could feel a drop of cum slide slowly between his lips.

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Pictures of Valentina Rossini from House of Taboo.


  1. Anonymous10/04/2009

    Sorry to be a nag, but the link to the recapped image isn't working.

  2. Anonymous10/05/2009

    I think Sam could be happy. Better than body than being a fat ugly woman:)! Max

  3. Ezekiel10/06/2009

    I love the look on her face in the second panel.


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